How does potty training for dogs work?

How does potty training for dogs work?
Everything you need to know about dog potty training.

Whether you live in an apartment or are trying to keep your dog from "using" your yard, you must teach him which place to use as a bathroom. Educating a dog to relieve himself can be a challenge for owners.

However, remember that your pet's education depends on you, so his bad habits do not depend on him.

Although at first, it may seem difficult for your dog to modify this behavior, following the right steps, you will be able to make your puppy evacuate in the right place, here we show you how to potty train your dog in the best way.

What do I need to potty train my dog?

Potty training your dog is necessary to keep your apartment, house, or garden clean, without having to worry about stepping on any surprises while walking.

All dogs can be trained regardless of their age, and although training them is not difficult, it is necessary to give them time, patience, and dedication.

To potty train your dog you won't need much, you just need to have the designated place, as it will be very difficult to change it later on.

You will also need to have your dog's leash nearby, to direct him to the designated location to defecate and start training, and to have a supply of special treats on hand to reward him when he does it right.

How to potty train your dog?

Begin puppy potty training asap.

The best time to potty train a puppy is between 7 and 8 weeks of age, during this stage you can show your puppy where to go more natural and before he chooses the wrong place.

However, dogs can learn at any age, although it will take a little longer. When you adopt an adult dog, make it clear from the first day which is his bathroom, this way it will be easier to familiarize him with the environment and his new spaces.

Teach your puppy his place in the house.

When you get home your dog should have a designated area to sleep, another to eat and an area to go to the bathroom, it is best that these areas are separated, and the bathroom area should be away from the feeders and waterers of your dog.

It should be a large, secluded space, away from main entrances and corridors; it can be in the garden, in the courtyard, or even a room.

Use a dog crate.

With a crate, you can delimit the bathroom area by placing newspaper on the floor, at the indicated times, and with a leash, lead your dog in the crate and do not let him out once he has relieved himself there, repeat this process until he goes on his own.

Keep in mind that it is not good to leave him there for too long.

Eating routine and schedules.

Dogs are animals that like routines. Dogs generally tend to urinate right after waking up, after a nap, after exercise or physical activity, and after sleeping. So be sure to take him to the bathroom at those times.

Always feed your puppies at the same time, this will make their potty time always the same. This will help because their digestive tract is very fast, so 5 to 30 minutes after eating, they will want to evacuate.

So a moment after eating, take him to the place where he will go to the bathroom to create a new routine.

When the time comes, your dog will show you some very obvious indicators that he has to pee. The most frequent ones are: walking extremely fast, sniffing very intensely, spinning around, and sometimes crying to get your attention.

Take your dog outside to the potty.

If you don't have a space in the house available, you can create a routine where you take your dog out to the park to do his business.

You should take your putty out at set times according to his routine and feeding schedules. Each time you take your puppy outside to relieve himself, take him back to the same place.

As soon as possible, when your dog wakes up in the morning, take him or walk him to that spot outside. Eventually, your dog will guide you to the assigned spot, which is a great sign of progress.

These walks should be frequent, at first, you should take your puppy out every 2 hours or at least 8 times a day until he has a defined schedule.

If you want to potty train your dog at home or if you want him to learn to use an "emergency bathroom”, you can use the leash to guide your dog to the right place.

Use potty training commands.

When you train your dog to go to the bathroom you must have an exclusive word for your dog to understand that it is time to go.

That word can be the classic "Go potty!" or "go pee" or any word you want, the important thing is that the dog associates the word with the action he is doing.

Say the word when they are in the right place, every time your dog goes outside to relieve himself, he will understand that this word means it is the right time and the right place to eliminate.

Don't punish your dog.

Dogs and pets, in general, don't understand about punishments, yelling, or hitting, for that you are just being mean to them for no reason, and this will only make them fear you.

Also, don't try to rub him where he had an accident, many owners believe that this is an adequate punishment that not only won't work but it is a terrible and cruel act.

Instead, try to catch the puppy in the moment and say no firmly and take him to the right place, be patient and repeat this routine until your dog understands it.

Reward your dog for his good job.

After completing the potty cycle, it is necessary to do it again until your puppy gets used to it, encouraging him with each success to show him that he has done a good job.

Now you know how to potty train your dog!

Remember that training is based on repeating many times until the desired behavior is achieved so patience is very important in this process and it should not be stressful for you or your furry friend.

Once he does reward your dog with treats and petting, dogs learn best with positive reinforcement and knowing they have been good boys.