What does your dog know about you?

What does your dog know about you?
What does your dog know about you?

Your dog knows about you perfectly. They have been around humans for so long that they have adapted physically and emotionally.

Thanks to their incredible senses, they can know things about you that you don't even notice, allowing them to get to know you and be there for you when you need them.

In this post, we'll tell you about things your dog knows about you that you can't even imagine.

What things does your dog know about you?

Dog knows when you are sad.

If you are not feeling well physically or emotionally, your dog detects it immediately, and if necessary he will modify his behavior in relation to your feelings. You will notice that he is more attached to you than usual.

If you are sad your dog comes to you and gives you his love to show you his affection, but also, if you are happy your dog knows it and cheers up you, when you are nervous your animal detects it and is able to sniff your tension and stress.

Dog knows if you have good or bad intentions.

Your dog knows about your intentions. Dogs can identify people who have bad intentions against them or their owners, just by their attitude, tone of voice, and body language.

Several studies claim that dogs are able to read the human language, so dogs know when someone is sincere or not. But when the signals are inconsistent, dogs can become stressed or nervous and tend to ignore false signals.

Also, they have the ability to perceive if there is any danger or if something unpleasant is about to happen. For example your intentions to give your dog a bath.

Dog able to detect disease.

Thanks to his developed sense of smell, the dog is able to know when something is wrong with your body, from a low blood glucose level to a migraine attack.

One study found that dogs know how to identify the presence of breast cancer in the body with 88% accuracy and lung cancer with an astounding 99% accuracy.

And many people with epilepsy are even assigned dogs that alert them to a seizure before it happens.

So if your dog has been paying too much attention to a specific part of your body lately, something wants to tell you, you better go to the doctor, don't ignore it.

Dog knows when a woman is pregnant.

The dog is able to feel the new member of the family, dog detects the hormonal changes that the woman's body undergoes during the first weeks of pregnancy and throughout gestation.

This will cause the dog's behavior toward the mother-to-be to change, the dog will be more affectionate and protective than usual, but he also notices when the birth is near and then he will become even more guardian than before.

Although in less common cases, dogs can also react in the opposite way and assume a nervous attitude, hide and remain distant, depending on their personality.

Dog knows that babies are delicate.

Dogs tend to see the babies as members of their herd and also that it is the most vulnerable and dependent, so dogs protect them and stay alert, especially when strangers approach the baby.

Dog knows you're going away for a long time.

Dogs hate when you leave the house, which is precisely why they have learned to recognize actions and behavior patterns that occur before you leave them for long.

For example, the suitcases out of the closet or the way you arrange and fold your clothes on the bed.

To help your dog cope with the trauma of leaving the house, you can let them play with a new toy or let them listen to classical music, which has been shown to help calm them down.

Dog sense who you like and who you don't like.

Dogs know about your real friends. When you look at a person with love, a substance called oxytocin is released from your body.

When you have negative feelings towards a particular person, your body undergoes other changes that your dog can detect such as changes in the rhythm of your breathing, seeing your body tense slightly, and even smelling the subtle pheromones your body gives off.

So your dog knows how to recognize your dislike for them through your breathing patterns and loyal dogs will also adapt your sense of hatred and show hostility towards that person.

Dogs know exactly where you have been.

Due to the many odor receptors in their nose, 60 times more than in the human nose, dogs can know exactly where you have been, as they have approximately 200 million more receptor cells in their sense of smell than humans do.

To dogs, humans are like a sponge and absorb smells from wherever they are. They can smell scents millions of times more subtle than the faintest odor you are able to distinguish.

They are able to tell if you've been to the supermarket or at work, and they can definitely sense when you've played with other dogs, and the most jealous dogs you won't be able to lie to.

Dogs sense when you need protection.

Dogs can smell the traces of adrenaline our bodies secrete when faced with danger or crisis, and therefore feel the need to protect and encourage us.

Their senses become even more acute when a family member dies, and they know that this weakens and hurts us.

Dogs know a lot about you!

Dogs know about you because they are social animals and they form a super-strong bond with their owner thanks to their instinct.
They are able to identify your character, and they treat you as such, every time you scold them, they know they have done something wrong, and their expressions say it all.

But also, they can protect you from people with bad intentions and they can take care of you when you need it the most.

You are not the only one who knows your best friend!