How can I make my cat more intelligent?

How can I make my cat more intelligent?
How can I make my cat more intelligent?

Cats are curious explorer animals and enjoy doing things with their owners.

They are highly intelligent, although they seem to be lazy, when they are in freedom, their hunting profile comes to light to not let anything that passes in front of them escape, putting their senses, instincts, and intelligence to the test.

Therefore, it is convenient to have at hand certain incentives and novel resources for felines to stimulate their intelligence.

In this post, we explain how you can make your cat more intelligent! With these tips, you will see immediate results and it will make living with your pet easier.

How can I make my cat more intelligent?

Cats are characterized by being very independent, intelligent, and very clean animals, usually, their education is simpler than training a dog; even so, it is all about patience and perseverance to make your cat more intelligent.

Enhancing your feline's knowledge and talents will improve his brain function, which can help him stay young longer and prevent age-related mental deterioration and aging.

When cats are young, any stimulation will capture their interest, but as they get older we must find new ways to entertain and stimulate them to keep their attention without forcing them or taking away their space.

Stimulate your cat through play

Games between your cat and stimulating toys are the ideal ways to make your cat more intelligent and imitate these hunting circumstances while developing their cognitive and physical talents.

The idea of these games is to make the cat exercise his body and, at the same time, work its senses, express its curiosity and thus develop its intelligence.

Experts recommend that owners engage in play with their cats to significantly strengthen that special bond we have with a pet.

Brain games for cats

  • Chasing prey: this activity will increase their speed and agility and stimulate their hunting instincts. You only need a toy that simulates the movements of prey, for this you only need to drag the toy with a rope and your cat will try to jump and catch it as it would in nature.
  • Shell Game: Cats love this game, you only need 3 containers, preferably equal, and kibbles of their food or treats to introduce in the containers.
    You only have to hide one in one of the containers and your cat will have to guess in which container is the prize. It is a game where you will develop your cat's memory and surprise your friends with the skills of your cat.
  • Hide and seek: with this game, you will make your cat more intelligent by stimulating his senses and training his obedience.
    You only have to call him to a place where he can see you and reward him once he comes to you. Then you only have to repeat the process but from a place where he cannot see you.
  • Paper roll intelligence module: empty toilet paper or kitchen paper rolls are a useful resource with which to build numerous toys for cats.
    Just gather a good amount of empty toilet paper rolls and glue them together, allowing the cat to access the holes.
    Then place food, feed, and some toys in some of the holes for the feline to find them.
  • Run and chase: believe it or not, many cats like to play chase or at least chase and catch a thrown ball. This is because ball toys simulate the quick and unexpected movements of prey.
    A bell can be placed inside to get the cat's attention and throw or roll the ball so he can see and chase it.
  • Cardboard boxes: if you have cats at home you should know that a cardboard box is simply irresistible for them. You can improve it by making mazes or different holes and hiding prizes inside.
    This simple object stimulates them and invites them to hide, hunt or simply jump.


Catnip is an excellent stimulus for cats, this curious plant causes in a great part of cats a calming or active effect, depending on the case, positive for their health.

Stuffing catnip, natural grass, a toy, or a ball (or buying one that already has it inside) stimulates the cat's interest in a toy.

It also encourages the cat to play and promotes movement and its scent activates the sense of smell of animals and has an effect on them for about ten minutes.

Scratching post

Scratching is part of the nature of cats, either to defend themselves, to hunt, to play, or simply to keep their nails sharp.

You can use their usual scratching post and make them more entertaining by adding a prize in the highest or most hidden area.

This will allow him to stimulate his intelligence to find a way to reach that reward and you will be taking care of his nails and his health.

Cat TV

If your cat is very active or you don't want him to be bored when he is alone at home, you can put on TV programs specialized in cats! These programs feature mice, birds, or squirrels in nature.

The images and sounds of these animals and their environment will catch your cat's attention and keep him busy. This will be an excellent brain stimulant, a visual treat, and will satisfy his curiosity.

Cat App

There are many free or paid apps for cats that will keep your cat entertained and mentally stimulated. Usually, apps for cats have a butterfly, bird, fish, or a mouse that moves around on the screen that the cat has to try and bat with its paw. 

This is an excellent game to keep your feline busy for a short period of time, but in the long term, it can become frustrating without the cat physically catching anything. So after time with a cat app game, it is important to give your cat some physical contact with prey via play with a real toy or wand to keep your cat interested in the future.

Make a space in the window

Cats love to look out the window and observe the outside world, it is a simple but highly effective stimulus.

Just make sure he is stimulated by the outdoors and not frustrated with unattainable objects and prey.

Give your cat a partner!

A companion for your cat is an excellent stimulation for him, it will bring him hours of play, companionship, and physical activity, especially a younger companion, which will certainly turn back the clock of any veteran cat.

This is how you can make your cat more intelligent

These games are sure to help you keep your cat in shape and promote his intellectual development.

Stimulate the body and mind of our cats. The basic idea of these complements is to make the cat exercise its body and, at the same time, work its senses, express its curiosity and develop its intelligence.