What does your cat know about you?

What does your cat know about you?
What does your cat know about you?

Cats are animals with a unique, dependent, and mysterious personality, with an attitude that may even seem disinterested in their human family, so it is not easy to know what cats think about us.

Fortunately, these animals can also be very perceptive and observant towards their owners so cats know things about you that you can't even imagine.

Here are a few things your cat knows about you that will make you love him more.

What does your cat know about you?

Cats know that you are their owner.

They may not be as affectionate as dogs, but cats know when a human is taking care of them, feeding them, and protecting them, so they know when a person is trustworthy and will provide what they need.

Cats will know when a human is their owner, and even if they do not classify you as a superior being, they will recognize you as an individual on their level, even if you are not of the same species.

For cats, we are something like their equals, only bigger, with very strange and somewhat clumsy habits, because we easily stumble over obstacles that for the kittens are easily surmountable.

Your cat knows about your mood swings.

Thanks to your postures and movements, cats can perceive your mood changes, because although they use different sounds, they also tend to understand their environment and people, through their body language.

So it is possible that your feline knows when you are angry, sad, or anxious, and decides to distance himself if he notices that you are angry, or to be affectionate with you in case he perceives sadness in your mood.

Cats know when you are sad.

Since cats are very perceptive, it allows them to decipher human emotions.

When your kitty senses that you are sad, he will not hesitate to lie down on you. When this happens, you will almost certainly hear a purr that will make you feel calm because purring releases endorphins in cats, and it can do the same when they do it near humans.
Besides, when he sees you in this state, he will always do his best to lift your spirits and he will do it through unexpected gifts.

The best gift options are mice and birds, but they can also surprise you with frogs or worms. Take it as a compliment, your cat loves you!

Your cat knows if you are sick.

For centuries, healers in ancient civilizations have used cats in their work because they believed that certain frequencies or tones of sound can have different healing effects on the body.

In fact, some experts point out that, due to their developed sense of smell, your feline is able to perceive abnormal secretion of some substances and is able to detect chemical and physiological changes in a person.

So cats have the ability to "sense" when someone is sick, and will constantly smell and touch the area of the body that is unhealthy.

Cats know when you are not eating well.

They worry about you, they know when you are on a diet or when you have nothing in the fridge, for them this situation is because they think you are not a good hunter and that is why they bring dead animals to the house for you to eat.

Although science has not yet been able to identify the exact reason for this behavior, there are many theories that it is a way to show appreciation and care for its owner.

By bringing you prey, they show you how to survive in their world; this is part of a "social custom" among them to teach others, usually younger cats.

Cats know how to manipulate you.

We're sure you already knew this or at least suspected it, but it's true. Cats can manipulate you to get what they want like a treat or a cuddle.

They are very intelligent and observant, so they tend to analyze their owners' behavior, and recognize how they react to their actions and sounds.

For example, your cat notices that when he purrs he gets petting or when you offer him a treat or give him a soothing massage, he may perform this action as many times as he wants to get these rewards, either through a close approach, or some grace that you have taught him.

Of course, this doesn't mean that your cat doesn't naturally love and share with you, it's just that thanks to their cognitive, emotional, and social abilities they can take a little bit of advantage to be more pampered.

Cats know when there are bad vibes around you.

Since ancient civilizations, cats have been respected for their powers, which make them wise and spiritual guides. As in ancient Egypt, where cats were considered to be healers or cats are able to cleanse bad energies.

In fact, Russians believe that if they let a cat loose in a new house before moving in, it will rid the space of bad energy so that they can then live in peace.

Although they have also been given negative connotations, as is the case with black cats.

So do cats really know when there are bad vibes? Leaving aside any kind of spiritual power, the answer is yes.

Cats have the ability to detect smells and stimuli through their senses, they are also sensitive to the emotional states of their owners, they sense when they are sad or sick, which indicates that yes, your cat knows when something is not right.

Cats know a lot about you!

Cats know that you are their owner, but to them, you are a big, weird cat. Cats themselves are not only aware of the visual differences with us and quickly learn to deal with us, and they know a lot about you and your environment.

Some have created their own form of sound communication with their owners. So now, you know you have a very intelligent and perceptive pet at home.